The Always Remember, You are Loved Children's Book Series

Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child's Curiosity About the Absentee Parent was written to contribute to the foundation of a child's emotional well being. Many children don't understand why a parent CHOOSES to walk out of their lives, nor should they HAVE to. Our children have enough pressures in their daily lives, therefore the adult situations that go on around them should not become a hindrance to their childhood(s). It is our responsibility as parents, guardians or caregivers to ensure that our children are loved unconditionally and provided for emotionally and otherwise. ARYAL: A Child's Curiosity About the Absentee Parent puts a positive spin on what is often a negative situation, the life and reality of forced single parenting, in hopes to fill a child's heart and soul with the love that he/she deserves.

Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child’s Curiosity About the Loss of a Loved One was written to assist each and every family that needed those carefully chosen words at the most emotional and difficult times. There is no perfect way to explain the (death) loss of a loved one. Yet, our children deserve our greatest efforts to ease their heartache and guide them in the direction of healing. It is my faith that this book will touch the heart of a child who is in pain. It is my dream that this book will provide healing and closure for those, children and adults alike, who have lost someone near and dear to their hearts and encourage them to treasure all of the wonderful memories left behind.

Always Remember, You are Loved: When a Child Seeks Guidance about Cyber and Peer Bullying was written because the most unbelievable, treacherous and heartbreaking bullying incidents were being reported on local and national news, seemingly making bullying the new epidemic. Unfortunately, by the time many of these stories were reported, often it was too late for the victim, ending in tragedy. Together, we must ensure that our kids understand that bullying is intolerable, no matter how harmless it may seem or as harsh as it may be. We have a great responsibility to teach our children that they have a personal duty to protect themselves. They must know that safeguarding themselves from the harmful and hurtful actions of their attacker(s) is more important than protecting their tormenters. We must TAKE A STAND against Bullying.