About the Author: Angel D. Washington

A native of Las Vegas, Nevada, Angel D. Washington was reared in a home in which her parents were prominent professionally and in the community. They instilled the importance of love, education, humility and integrity.
An author of a young adult novella, Angel decided to redirect her focus to the genre of children’s books after being inspired by a personal event. Because children are so easily influenced and affected by their experiences, it is her desire to impact them in the most positive and productive manner. With this in mind, she penned the Always Remember, You are Loved series, which addresses childhood social situations that often need parental or adult guidance. Currently, Volume One, entitled Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child's Curiosity About the Absentee Parent and Volume Two, entitled Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child's Curiosity About the Loss of a Loved One  are available. Volume Three, Always Remember, You are Loved: When a Child Seeks Guidance about Cyber and Peer Bullying will be available mid September 2012. Volumes Four and Five, which also touch on personal and emotional issues that children endure in their impressionable young lives, will be coming soon.
Angel is blessed with the love and support of her family, friends and her three loving sons, Christopher, KeyJon and Kyson.
Never be envious of what you're NOT, but aspire to be what you CAN be... and you WILL BE... ~A.D.W.
“Be Extraordinary: Enlighten, Educate, and Empower yourself and others and you will Excel beyond your imagination…” ~ A.D.W.


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