Excerpts from the Published Works of Angel D. Washington

ARYAL: Absentee Parent



No matter what, Dear Child, I want you to know

That I love you and my love will continue to grow

I will always be here when you need to talk

And don’t blame yourself, Child, it’s not your fault

Here and now, to you, I make this promise

With you, My Child, I will always be honest

You are the light of my life; I’ll never leave you guessing

And my unconditional love for you will never be in question

Know in your heart that God will see you through

Because the Lord wants the very best for you

… And Always Remember, You are Loved.


ARYAL: Loss of a Loved One



There was a grief counselor at my school today


That spoke to us because our classmate passed away


There was one question that I didn’t get to ask


Does dying mean my classmate will never come back?



ARYAL: Cyber/Peer Bullying

Anytime you have a problem, please come to me

Your safety is more important than anything

Know that you NEVER have to be mistreated

To a point where personally, you feel defeated

When a person bullies you, it's never okay

You NEVER have to be treated that way

Your safety is what I'm thinking of

Always Remember, You are Loved…