Angel D. Washington

Angel D. Washington is a children's book author, poet and spoken word artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. A woman who has always had a passion and love for writing, her most prideful and recent work is the Always Remember, You are Loved Children's Book Series. This series focuses on the social and emotional situations that children face day to day in todays society.



"There is no child that deserves anything less than the most immeasurable amount of love, understanding and care. The Always Remember, You are Loved Children's Book Series was written to encourage and inspire hope, love and faith within the hearts of children."

 ~Angel D. Washington

Always Remember, You are Loved Campaign

What began as a simple quest to turn a negative situation into a positive one, unexpectedly grew into a heartfelt and heartwarming desire to inspire and encourage children.


When love is absent from the heart and spirit of a child, it has proven to be detrimental to the child, as well as all others involved. When one has children, the emotion of love should be unconditional and without pause. To love is to nurture the emotion and spirit of our children with hope, promise and adoration.


As I continue on this old quest that has found new meaning, please join me in taking a STAND in my ALWAYS REMEMBER, YOU ARE LOVED campaign. Love and inspire a child today…




~Protect the Heart of a Child~