My Miniblog

In the life of a writer, sometimes lots of things happen all at once, and sometimes, nothing happens at all. Here is my mini blog: Everything I can write when I have a free minute.

Off to Cleveland


The weekend of May 11-13, 2012, I was off to Cleveland to release and promote my most recent book, Always Remember, You are Loved: A Child's Curiosity about the Loss of a Loved One. I was approached by a woman who gasped as she picked up my books for a closer look. I was taken aback by her and asked if everything was ok. She said yes, and that the titles captured her attention- which led her to skim and begin read a few pages. With excitement, she told me that her profession is childhood counseling and my books are exactly what she'd been looking for. They touch on "real people" and "real situations". She thanked me for writing these books, purchased four copies, took my information (and I took hers) because she wanted to be kept abreast of when Volumes 3, 4 and 5 would be available. I was so proud that I had that effect on someone because of the message that we both wanted to share with children, as well as how my books were received, because wiriting id simply just something that I love to do...

Los Angeles Here I Come!


August, 11th 2012, I traveled to Los Angeles for the LABBX held at the Los Angeles Convention Center. It was a nice event, where I was surrounded by authors who also had a vision to bring their books (whatever the genre) to life. Thank you for all who purchased my books, as well as those that encouraged me to continue on the path of encouraging, inspiring and protecting the hearts and spirits of children!


Here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!