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Opens Lines of Communication

The Always Remember, You are Loved Children's Book Series is a great reading source. It facilitates discussion and opens lines of communication between families and others. ~ Dr. J. Cooper, a Marriage and Family Therapist at Community Behavior Health in Northern California.

Suggested Reading

Volumes One and Two of the Always Remember, You are Loved children's book series are a must read for children who are experiencing stress from losing a loved one and/or parental abandonment. I really enjoyed reading these books and shared them with my daughter. These books help children cope by reassuring them that they are loved no matter what. These books also help people know that there is a higher force that supports them, protects them and is always there to comfort them, no matter what they experience in their lives. I recommend these books to children who are experiencing a loss of a loved one, as well as parental abandonment. As a result, they can begin the process of (re)discovering that all is well and all is love! Dr. Jessica (

ARYAL: A Child's Curiosity about the Loss of a Loved One

Angel D.Washington reminds us of a spiritual teaching which is “Always Remember, You are Loved.” The truth that I have come to know is that we are all spirits who have taken image, shape and form in a physical body. The physical body is that which dies or no longer is viable, but the Spirit which is our inner strength, love, creativity, and true self never dies. ~ Karmen Smith MSW, LCSW, Ph.D, D.


Interview: Volume 1: ARYAL: Absentee Parent


What was your inspiration for writing this book?  My eldest son inspired me to write this book for each and every child who has been disregarded by a parent and hurt in the process. It was my duty as a mother to protect my son from pain, disappointment and the selfish behaviors of others. My oldest son had to go through some things that NO child should have to experience. I had a birdseye view of how EASY it is for people to disregard their children. In writing this book, I am removing the power of those who CHOOSE to abandon their child(ren) and giving that power back to the child(ren). Those kids are entitled to that.

Why is it so important to raise awareness about the effects of parental abandonment?  People don’t realize that often times there are underlying developmental issues when children are lacking parental love and support. A good friend of mine, Ms. Fatima Taylor, who works with children suffering from non-severe to severe disabilities, said that parental love and support is not only encouraged, but also necessary for the betterment of a child’s growth, behaviorally, socially, developmentally or medically. I believe that to be true. Every parent should want their child to thrive and be successful in all aspects of life. Not only that, but children are very observant and they often realize when their family is different from their relatives, friends, and classmates families. Once they realize that they are without a Mommy or a Daddy, they begin to inquire about why that parent is missing. How does one tell a child that their non custodial parent doesn’t want to see him/her? How does a Mom or Dad tell a child that the absent parent will never visit, simply by choice? Children begin to think that THEY are the problem. NO CHILD should bear the weight of adult situations on his/her shoulders. It is important that children understand that they are deserving of unconditional love. It is also important for slack or neglectful parents to understand the pain that they cause.  Although this is a children’s book, it can be a tool for all.

What is your message for the children of single parent homes?  My message for children of single parent homes is that there are some things in life that are beyond our control. Unfortunately, some children lose parents to death. Then there are those who lose a parent to an unwavering selfishness that allows a parent to walk away without ever looking back. No child is to blame for the lack of parenting skills of adults. I want all children to know that they are gifts from God and He loves ALL of his children.  I want all children to realize and understand that they are worthy and deserving of unconditional affection and to… Always Remember, You are Loved…

Is there a force that drives you?  My family in its entirety is my driving force. My parents and siblings have and will always be supportive. My three sons are the reason my heart beats. My determination to leave a legacy for them keeps me inspired. My significant other is a significant link in this chain, as well.